Weekday Getaway with ‘Twenty One Pilots’ tribute

An night filled with Twenty One Pilot music and fellowship.  Photo by Yuna Hayakawa.

By Yuna Hayakawa, The Circuit.

Student Life presented Danny Kopitke and Tommy Killackey in a Twenty One Pilots cover concert on April 19 in O’Malley-McAllister Auditorium.

They performed 16 of their most popular songs to about 100 audience members. Both Kopitke and Killackey enjoy Twenty One Pilots and decided to work together to make this concert happen.

“I’m just having the time of my life,” said Kopitke, junior.  “During the rehearsal, I was stressed out a little bit, just trying to get everything in order. Even rehearsal the night before was rough and I was feeling very anxious. But during the performance, I was having a lot of fun and didn’t feel stressed out.”

“I wasn’t nervous over all,” said Killackey, also a junior.  “I was just focused on getting everything done but there was so much to get done and it was hard. I truly had a fun and great time.”

“The concert was amazing,” said Chris Goodwin, junior who attended the concert. “[They were] full of energy, full of spirit. It just made everyone feel alive, like dancing and giving praise for being here.”

“It was on point,” said Briana Pfitzy, junior who also attended.  “The songs that I knew sounded a lot like the actual songs Twenty One Pilots perform. [They did a] super great job with the lights and the drums too. Just the enthusiasm was great.”

It was Kopitke and Killackey’s dream to do the concert and they want to continue this in the future. Watch out for another great concert from them.