Under Armour to become official sponsor of Benedictine College Athletics

Sophomore soccer player Ruairi Cotter (left) sports an Under Armour branded uniform during the Aug. 31 match against Hastings College. Photo by Benedictine College Athletic Department.

By Hope Thompson, The Circuit.

Under Armour has been named the official outfitter for Benedictine College Athletics. Beginning this fall, the brand will begin to integrate its sportswear throughout the college’s 19 athletic programs.

“It’s a very exciting time for Benedictine College and the Athletic Department as a whole,” said Athletic Director Charles Gartenmayer. “Under Armour has taken big name schools like UCLA, University of Maryland and Notre Dame. So the opportunity has helped us as a regional and national institution to gain some notoriety– this really is great for the school.”

Gartenmayer is working alongside Sports Information Director Josh Pound, Associate Athletic Director Mike Faucett and a representative from Under Armour to determine which teams will be first to receive the new gear.

The representative from Under Armour is meeting with each head coach and by Sept. 15 they will begin to establish a three-year strategic plan.

“The contract at this time says that we’re going to be working within that three-year time period to have all of our teams outfitted with Under Armour uniforms,” Gartenmayer said. This includes the coaching staff as well as the athletic trainers and the team managers.

“At this time in the development of the contract just our teams will be outfitted by Under Armour,” Gartenmayer said. “We’re going to see how this works for one year, and then there is a possibility that we’ll be able to work something out with the Raven Store or the dorms. We want to look at that, but in its infancy here, we just want to make sure we’re understanding all aspects of this agreement.”

Gartenmayer says that they’ve been approached in the past by brands that have sought to create an agreement of sorts, but they wanted to choose a company that aligns most with Benedictine’s mission and values.

He says that Under Armour doesn’t just focus on successes the athletes have made on the field. Student athlete achievements in the classroom and the community are just as important to them.

“Benedictine College is establishing a national reputation and Under Armour wants to be connected with schools that are projected well nationally.”

Senior football player Zach Mard says he believes that becoming an Under Armour sponsored school will help give all of the teams a more unified look.

“As a part of the [football] team and a part of the athletic program at BC, I am excited to be able to have an official sponsor,” he said. “Under Armour is a well-known brand and I think that it will reflect well on our reputation as a school.”

During the recruiting process for football, Gartenmayer says that there are three questions they always get from kids: What kind of scholarship they will receive, what their playing opportunity will to be and what the school’s brand is.

“So, now we’ll be able to tell them our brand is Under Armour. We’re excited to have this relationship with them—it’s a pretty significant step for us.”