U-Pon app continues to expand

Quinn Buck, creator of the U-Pon app, plans to expand to more universities.
By Gabrielle Douglass, The Circuit.

U-Pon is an app designed to connect the Benedictine College community to local retailers.

Quinn Buck, junior, introduced the app for Android and Apple phones. As a business marketing major, Buck was eager to pursue his interests outside of the classroom.

“I wanted to provide an incentive to spend money here and go to places in town rather than going to Kansas City,” Buck said.

He is using Atchison as his first test site and looks forward to extending his app to other schools including Mizzou and KU, he said.

This past Saturday Buck hosted his first U-Pon night event and had a great turnout.

Approximately 130 students came even though it was pouring rain. There were drink discounts, plenty of bowling and only BC students. He intends to host similar events every three weeks or so.

Julianne Smith attended the event and enjoyed herself immensely, she said.

“Saturday night at the bowling alley was a blast. My favorite part was having a space off campus filled with BC students having a really good time,” Smith said.

She said she will be returning to another U-Pon event.

Buck wants to expand the amount of students that attend. “I need to take more marketing approaches like flyers on campus instead of just word of mouth,” he said.

Buck’s goal is to continue connecting commerce to college crowds!