Transition: Oasis to Raven-Zone

By Vequan Clark, The Circuit.

As a freshman at Benedictine College, Connor Fleming knew that he would have to adjust to Benedictine’s systems but not multiple times.

At the time, Oasis was new to Connor. Oasis is a resource used by the college in order for students to check grades, financial aid and check progress.

“When I first got to Benedictine, I had no idea what Oasis was even for,” said Fleming.

Fleming was a student who was adamant about staying up to date with his academic progress.

He arrived as an eager freshman in the fall of 2012. A lot has changed since then.

One of the most recent and major changes is the addition of Raven-Zone. The new resource is a more complete and user-friendly version of Oasis. This addition has made an effort to replace the old resource in its entirety.

The most important change with the new technology is the user interface. It is updated to look more modern than the previous resources.

Students can now register for classes, check financial aid, check their graduation progress and even register for classes with a few clicks.

New technology comes with problems and learning curves.

“Raven-zone is definitely an upgrade from Oasis, I just wish it had been presented bug-free,” said John Harris, senior.

Harris relied heavily on the system to stay up to date with his grades and progress so he quickly noticed the issues.

Some bugs caused students to see an “attempted” status versus “completed” for courses that had already successfully been completed.

Although the students had indeed passed the courses, their status remained unchanged for quite some time. This bug won no popularity contests.

Overall, new technology can be frightening for some or absolutely wonderful for others. Either way there will be a transitional learning period.

Be on the look out for more changes in Benedictine’s technology.