The Scholarship Ball: a grand tradition

By Ivy Mackey, The Circuit.

[Editor’s Note: The college is hoping to induct the 1967 team in the fall of 2017.]

Benedictine College puts on many events throughout the year. On Feb. 25 at the Overland Park Convention Center in Leawood, Kan., the college holds the 46th annual Scholarship Ball, one of the most highly at­tended events Benedictine puts on.

Every spring, this event brings together students, alumni, teachers and benefactors for a night of fun and giving.

The whole point of the ball is to raise money for future students in need of scholarships, said Gabriel­la Miller, an MBA student intern in the President’s Office.

This year’s Ball is unique in that it will feature a special recogni­tion of the 1967 Men’s Basketball team, inducted into the Hall of Fame earlier this year. The Ball will also be featuring the recognition of Robert and Shirley Chenoweth and Sean and Julie Doherty with the Cross of the Order of St. Benedict, the most prestigious award Benedictine has to offer granted to those whose vision and values are con­sistent with those of the college.

Aside from attending as guests, some students also have the opportunity to help put on the event after being invited by President Stephen D. Minnis.

“Students really want to step up and give back to the school,” said Betsy Edler, a senior working in the Advancement Office. Edler’s duties include checking in guests and tracking scholarship pay­ments.

The evening starts out with Mass at 4:30 p.m. followed by the cocktail reception at 5:30. Dinner starts at 6:30, while the Fund-a-Raven auction begins shortly after.

The Ball also features live entertainment and a student speaker, this year’s being senior Lauren Benz­ing. The online auction will also be running until 5 p.m. on Tuesday, Feb. 28.

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