The role of an International Student Ambassador

The International Student Ambassadors hosting International Tea and Coffee Night in Nov. 2016. Pictured left to right: Marie Rioux, Anne Faucett, Susan Wrinn.  Photo courtesy of Marie Rioux.

By Mary Elsen, The Circuit.

The position of International Student Ambassador is a leadership opportunity for students on campus interested in helping spread cultural diversity.

“[The goal of the program] is to bring more globalization to Benedictine’s campus,” said Anne Faucett, Director of International Admission and Services.

Faucett shared a bit about the program.

“This is the third year to have the leadership position on campus,” Faucett said. “It is similar to Student Ambassadors, but we do not have set campus events…The International Ambassadors can change the events and come up with new ideas depending on the requests from the current international student population.”

“If an American student is interested in learning about another culture or country, chances are we have a student from there and we are happy to introduce them to each other,” Faucett said.

Marie Rioux, International Student Ambassador and fifth year senior, joined the program when it was just starting in the fall of 2015.  The program has grown and currently has 12 student ambassadors, two of whom are international students.

“Our focus is to try to help the international students feel more at home on campus and to raise global awareness on campus,” Rioux said.  “We want to introduce the students to some other culture – especially the other international students here.  We like to help them show what their culture is like to students on campus.

“The group is focused mostly on putting on events and predominantly focused on global awareness events,” she said.

Rioux said the group was responsible for last year’s international food day in the Dining Hall. They plan to once again decorate the Dining Hall with flags from around the world and serve a variety of ethnic foods.

All students are welcome to participate in the program’s events and both domestic and international students are able to apply for a position, Faucett said.

This semester, the group hopes to offer an October event and host an event during International Education Week, Nov. 13-17.

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