Embracing the change

Returning students came back to an almost unrecognizable campus this fall.

A totally renovated dining hall, two new buildings, a new clock tower and countless landscaping projects have transformed the campus.

Students competed with construction workers on move-in day. The first week of school, numerous parking tickets were given out.

Residents in Guadalupe Hall are still awakened by the sound of drills and hammers. Ladders and wet paint decorate the hallways.

And yes, everyone knows parking is limited, especially for residents in the apartments, Guadalupe Hall and Elizabeth Hall.

It would be easy to grumble and complain about the inconveniences on campus.

That’s true whether you’re lugging groceries across campus because you couldn’t find close parking or being forced to walk to the side door of a building because a ladder is blocking the front.

But, we’re part of history. We are here for the transformation of our college.

Future Benedictine students will benefit from the minor annoyances we face now.

We are members of the record-breaking classes as our enrollment continues to grow.

Benedictine is buzzing with new faces and new energy.

Inconvenient? Sure.

Exciting? Even more so.

Why let an inevitable part of expanding the campus put a damper on this fall?

Cheer on the fall sports teams louder than the skid loaders that wake you up in the morning. Enjoy the awesome calf muscles you’ll get walking across campus from parking lots to your dorm.

Plan to remember this fall as the greatest semester at Benedictine, not the most inconvenient.

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