The Circuit Editorial

By Molly Blaeser, Managing Print Editor

You may have noticed you can no longer read a USA Today or Kansas City Star newspaper during lunch in the John Paul II Student Center or Haverty Center.

SGA dropped its Raven Readership program over the summer.

The reason SGA gave makes sense: less than 10 percent of the Benedictine student population used the program, whereas SGA spent more than half its budget to pay for the papers.

Basically, for this program, SGA spent a lot of money on only a small number of students.

And right there is the problem.

Only a few students took full advantage of this great service.

When you graduate, you will be paying rent, paying for groceries and paying for gas.

With all these costs, you may not be able to pay for a newspaper subscription.

Which is why using a newspaper subscription while it was free at BC was a fantastic idea.

You could have stayed updated on world events, global issues, the latest fashion and celebrity gossip. These are all things important to know, to help us break out of the “BC bubble.”

Of course, all this information can be found on the Internet, but it was also available right there, free, on a newsstand.

All you had to do was pick it up.

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