Students joining the Samuel Group

The Benedictine Samuel Group met outside of the St. Lawrence Center in Lawrence, Kansas.
Photo courtesy of Lillian Hoover.

By Ellen Petersen, The Circuit.

Coordinated by the Apostles of the Interior Life, AVI, Benedictine students have committed to the Samuel Group, a formative opportunity for those who wish to better understand what discernment is.

“It [provides] basics tools and also expands to the wider span of vocational discernment where you ask yourself what God is calling you to do through the events in your life,” said senior Brennan Kalis, who was asked to spread the word across campus. “It is a microscopic and macroscopic view of discernment.”

Those students who have joined the group commit to meeting monthly at the St. Lawrence Center at the University of Kansas in Lawrence. Each meeting involves a brief social period, Eucharistic adoration, Confession, meditation, a purification talk and spiritual assignments for the month, Kalis explained. The students are also required to meet monthly with a spiritual director and commit to daily prayer.

The group is open for anyone between ages 20-30 that desires the same three-fold goal of Samuel Group: to know oneself, to know Jesus and to know one’s role in the Church and in the world.

Senior Lillian Hoover desires to know just that.

“[I’m excited] to learn how to live my faith out in the world and to take what I’ve learned and keep applying it to transforming the world,” she said. “It is becoming more and more clear to me that the laity do play an active role in the Church. Priests cannot do it all on their own and they need the laity to come and grow the faith life within the parish setting.”

Although the first meeting was held Sept. 24, registration is still open. Information can be found at