Students cast their picks for Super Bowl Sunday

Casey Splane is decked out for the Patriots vs. Falcons game.  Photo by Nick Servi.

By Nick Servi, The Circuit.

It’s official: Matt Ryan and the Atlanta Falcons will face Tom Brady and the New England Patriots in Super Bowl LI.

Super Bowl parties
Super Bowl parties

The Super Bowl kicks off at 5:30pm Central Time on Sunday, Feb. 5.

Both these teams are playing for their piece of history. The Falcons haven’t won a Super Bowl yet, while the Patriots are seeking quarterback Brady’s fifth.

Two years ago, the New England Patriots won the Super Bowl against the Seattle Seahawks. Yet the big story that year was the Patriots using deflated footballs against the Indianapolis Colts in the AFC Championship Game, leading to a 45-7 win over the Colts. The Patriots were accused of intentionally deflating their footballs below NFL regulations in order to make the balls easier to grip and throw.

The NFL originally suspended Brady for the first four games of the 2015 season before a federal court judge overturned it in September 2015. Brady’s suspension was reinstated and enforced at the start of the 2016 season.

The Patriots were also sanctioned for their 2007 Spygate controversy, where the team used video to spy on other teams’ practices and signals.

Senior James Reding believes the Patriots should not win because of the team’s previous controversies.

“I’m going with the Falcons because you can’t root for Tom Brady and call yourself an America,” Reding said. “That’s the truth.”

Senior Will Burenheide agrees with Reding. “I want the Falcons to win because I want the Patriots to lose,” Burenheide said.

Other students discuss who they’re rooting for to win the Super Bowl and why.

Senior Elizabeth Kelly supports the Patriots because of Brady’s skill as a quarterback.

“I’m going with the Patriots because Tom Brady has a lot of good experience and high intensity games,” Kelly said. “I believe the Patriots will win.”

Senior Michael Mueller believes the Falcons should win because they need to win a championship.

“I want the Falcons to win because I can’t remember the last time they won the Super Bowl or were in it,” Mueller said. “You gotta spread the love.”

Senior Anna Moran agrees with Mueller and is also rooting for the Falcons. She is planning to go to SPO’s Super Bowl party. “The SPO Super Bowl has been great every year,” Moran said.

Senior Michael Klein believes the Falcons should win because he likes birds.

“The Falcons are the closest thing we got to birds in the NFL except for the Baltimore Ravens,” Klein said. “I don’t like the Patriots.”