Students’ adventures on evacuation day

By Nick Servi, The Circuit

BC students made the most of the situation when a chemical spill at MGP Ingredients in Atchison forced the college to evacuate on October 21.

The spill occurred around 8a.m. when two chemicals were accidentally mixed together. This caused a gas cloud to travel north towards Benedictine, leading the college to order everyone on campus to evacuate.

By around 11:30a.m., the all-clear was given and the college informed students that they can return to campus.

Several students share their own adventure stories of what they did that day.

  • “I hopped into a car with people from my Ethics class and we drove to St. Joseph, Missouri. We went to Chick-Fil-A and met other people from Benedictine. I met some of my other friends and we made a day of it. Then we went to a café.” – Emily Kane, senior. 
  • “I went to get gas and that’s when I got the alert. I got into a different car and went to St. Joe.” – Danielle Medina, junior.
  • “I was sitting in my Stats class when we got the texts to leave campus. My roommate and I went to get the keys to her car, and then we went with another friend to St. Joe.” – Mary Colleen Crabtree, junior.
  • “I was outside painting at the time because the fog was so pretty. But then people told me it was gas, so I went back to my house. Then I got abducted by Mrs. Minnis and we left.” – Danielle Shanahan, senior.
  • “I had just walked into history class at 9 o’clock. This girl raises her hand and the teacher talks to her. She says we need to evacuate, so we got out of the building. I called my roommate and we decided to go to St. Joe, which was a problem because every person on campus and Atchison was leaving. We were going to IHOP, but then I heard every BC student was going there, so we had a quick breakfast at Sonic instead. Then we got the text to return to campus. It was pretty chaotic, but it turned out to be a fun afternoon.” – Brian Rebegila, senior.