Spring formal tradition

Spring formal is fast approaching.  Photo by Kelly K.

By Ann Marie Reasor, The Circuit.

The annual Spring Formal is approaching and is back at the Boulevard Brewing Company in Kansas City, MO. The dance will be held on April 21.

Each year students look forward to a full night of dancing, laughter and fun.

Fifth-year student Sean Begler says it’s a ‘good hooray.’

When Begler first arrived, Benedictine didn’t have many opportunities to have big dances like this. Now with the college growing, these events are more easily accessible and Begler loves it.

“It’s a good way to breakaway from school and spend time with friends,” he said.

Michael Barilleaux, senior, agrees.

“The atmosphere is really great because it’s relaxed,” said Barilleaux. “Everyone who’s there wants to be there. It’s a ‘thing’ and there’s no drama like high school dances.”

There is the misconception that you need to have a date in order to go or have fun at this event. Barilleaux says this is not true.

“I had a bunch of friends that were girls and none of them had dates; they just all went together,” he said. “There’s no pressure.”

Begler agrees. He says he has gone with a date and without a date and both times had a blast.

The Student Ambassadors will send out an email soon telling students the ticket prices and how they can purchase them.

Ticket availability is limited and opens to upperclassmen first. Freshman and sophomores are free to purchase tickets after the upperclassmen.

For more information, visit the Student Life Office located on the second floor of the John Paul II Student Union.