SGA: We exist to serve you

By Brian Curran, Special to the Circuit

At BC, it’s a tradition for professors to give out midterm grades. But this time, it’s your opportunity to give one out.

Here at Student Government, we exist to serve you and help address your concerns.

Since the semester started, we’ve been busy. We’ve helped build community by holding a block party with music on Turner Lawn, welcoming freshman class senators, and giving you the opportunity to meet your senators.

With our input, Aramark ordered a new coffee machine. We’ve also offered opportunities for intellectual formation.

We moved WEPA printers to convenient, 24-hour locations in JPII and Legacy, and hosted a panel of professors to talk about the issues this election season, instead of the candidates.

We’re also working on plans for the rest of the semester.

This November, expect a dodgeball tournament and a Majors Fair for those undecided on their course of study.

We’re also working on a program about financial literacy and personal budgeting for your time in college.

Tell us what you think. Email us at, or stop by our office on the top floor of JPII.