SGA: Semester recap

Natalie Gallatin, SGA President

As we head strong toward finals and try not to distract ourselves too terribly with our excitement about Christmas break, I want to send you off this semester with confidence in your student representation.

Here is a quick sample of what we have worked on this year for you:

• We hosted Dr. Ryan Anderson in September because of student interest after the Supreme Court decision regarding the sanctity of marriage.

• We are looking into the safety measures of comparable colleges to devise a better security protocol for Benedictine.

• Students wanted a staircase between the two parking lots east of Lemke. Bids are now open to contractors.

• At your request, we now have hot sauce in the Dining Hall.

• Because of a wide variety of academic- related complaints, we have started an academic committee to properly address these concerns.

•Many students are concerned with the new club reimbursement policy. We are persistently proposing that the administration change it.

And that’s just a portion of what we’ve done.

Every student concern that is brought to SGA is recorded and sent through the appropriate channels so that it may be addressed properly and effectively.

The surveys sent through email are a prime example of this. From Elizabeth Hall Lounge, to Dining Hall hours and future building projects at the College, we receive concerns and then try to measure mass student opinion through surveys as to obtain a more comprehensive view of the matter.

I assure you that we never stray from our mission of representation and continuously strive to better your experience. Stay well and Merry Christmas.

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