Raven memorial park service rememberance

By Ann-Marie Reasor, The Circuit

On a cloudy, cold autumn morning, students, faculty and families of Benedictine College gathered to commemorate the loss of their loved ones.

Raven Memorial Park was dedicated on Oct. 30 to the students who died while attending BC.

Each family laid a rose down in front of their loved one’s name in a reflective, respectful manner.

In addition to the park, there was also an unveiling of the Sacred Heart of Jesus statue. This statue placed at the heart of campus,  faces the Raven walk.

The park and the statue were donated by Rich and Cindy Dickason in honor of their son, Dr. Richard R. Dickason. Jr., M.D., Ph.D.

After the procession, President Stephen Minnis approached the podium.

“This is one of the most important gatherings of our lives since the Enthronement brings countless blessings to individuals, families and all of our undertakings. But He is more like a Father than a ruler. I now enthrone Jesus and King and Lord over this whole institution.”

After the applause at the unveiling of the statue, there was a moment of silence. Abbot James R. Albers took the stand and led the crowd in a brief prayer. He thanked God for the opportunities Benedictine has given to everyone and he asked God to bless the benefactors and the souls of those who were remembered.

Holy water was passed out and the families walked around splashing various places in the park.

The choir sung and everyone departed. The lives of the Ravens who have passed are now engraved into the future of the college forever.