Immigration order not impacting BC

New York Statue of Liberty.  Photo by Celso Flores (Flickr).

By Yuna Hayakawa, The Circuit.

President Donald Trump’s January 27 execu­tive order restricting people from seven countries from entering the United States has so far had no effect on Benedictine College students.

Trump’s order is set to expire after 90 days. It has currently been suspended by a federal judge pending judicial review.

The ban targets all peoples from Iran, Iraq, Yemen, Sudan, Libya, Syria and Somalia.

“I think it unconstitutional,” said Anne Fau­cett, director of international admission and ser­vices. “I understand putting retraction on seven countries or making it more difficult to get visitor visas or making process more difficult for refugees, but we already are. We only accept not even one percent of refugees all around the world,” Faucett said.

Carmen Luis, senior, IROC member said the order was worrisome.

“I was annoyed, mad and worried, especially all for international students,” she said.

Jenny Nguyen, an international student from Vietnam said that the order initially saddened her, especially for those who have valid visas but are still unable to enter the country for work or study.

Faucett said she believes this could hurt those hosting exchange students, their family mem­bers and friends and the economy. She hopes it is does not extend further than the initial 90 days.