BCP episode 15

Michael and Sean reminisce during their last Benedictine College Podcast. Thank you all for listening to us over these last few months!

BCP episode 14

Michael and Sean talk about stolen chairs, Springfest, Musical Machines and summer storage.

BCP episode 13

Michael and Sean talk about 21 pilots cover band and the yoga controversy on campus.

BCP episode 12

Michael and Sean discuss little sibs weekend, the commencement speaker and do a little bit of trivia.

BCP episode 10

Michael and Sean discuss the Oscars, their favorite restaurants in Atchison and if they prefer fruits or vegetables.

BCP episode 9

Michael and Sean talk about intramurals, cultivating community, Mardi Gras and new planets.

BCP episode 8

Michael and Sean talk about ice skating in Kansas City, Mass at the Mount this Sunday and sleep walking.