Ora et labora cleans up campus

By Madeline Brown, The Circuit

On Sept. 3, students came together to clean up our campus in the annual Ora et Labora event.

The Student Alumni Association board organized the event. About 40 people showed up.

There were several different jobs to do. Students cleaned Bishop Fink, St. Benedict Hall, Ferrell Academic Center, as well as doing yard work. There was a lot of community among the students that came and helped the college.

“My favorite part of Ora et Labora is getting to meet some of the people in my class that I haven’t met yet,” says Macie Frakes, freshman.

Frakes’ group cleaned the Ferrell Academic Center.

“It was nice to be able to help clean my home for the next four years. I am excited to continue participating in this event in the future” she said.

Annie Lind, junior, loves the mentality of Ora et Labora. “I really want to develop it in the future. I would love to have it be on more than just game days, so more people can go.”

“I think that this could develop into something really great.”