Murphy Recreation Center offers personal trainers for students

Sophomore Catherine 
Whitfield workout with junior Sebastian Harris, personal trainer.  Photo by Yuna Hayakawa.

By Yuna Hayakawa, The Circuit.

BC Recreational Services is now offering personal training classes, consultations and workouts free of charge for students, faculty and staff members.

There are five personal trainers available Monday through Friday at different times at the Murphy Recreation Center.

Since the rec center opened, the staff had found that a lot of students weren’t comfortable coming into the gym because they didn’t know how to use the equipment. The trainers also started the program to help students gain tone and muscle. Each session is customized specifically for student needs.

Kerin Casey, a personal trainer and consultant said her goal is to offer the service to whoever wants to be a part of the program.

Sophomore Catherine Whitfield decided to use a personal trainer because she didn’t know how to use the equipment.

The trainers see fitness as a lifestyle benefit. “Being physically fit runs over into every aspect of your life,” said junior Sebastian Harris, a personal training instructor. “Even things as simple as making your bed, eating well, and doing everything well.”

“Before you start training, you’ll need to set up a meeting with me and sign a consent form. After this, you will pick a personal trainer and set up your goal,” said Casey.

If you interested in this program, contact Casey at or (401)-429-3558.