March, Stop, Talk!

By Ann-Marie Reasor, The Circuit.

DC March for Life. Photo by Alex Stenberg
DC March for Life. Photo by Alex Stenberg.

Marching has been a very popular theme these past few weeks. There’s been the Women’s March and the March for Life all within a two-week time period. Surprisingly though, these two marches don’t have much in common.

The protesters who walk in the women’s march do so for pro-choice reasons. They want equal rights for men and women; they want LGBTQ rights for homosexuals; they want liberals to have their say and to be heard.

Civilians who march in the pro-life rally do so for pro-life reasons. They want the world to acknowledge the fact that a baby is a baby from the moment of conception until natural death, and has the basic human right to life. They want to stress the fact that being pro-life is pro-women.

So, why does the media place the Women’s March on every front page, before, after and during the rally, but not have any sign of the March for Life in their circulations? How come liberals are always saying ‘use your voice to stand up for what you believe in,’ but as soon as people on the right do so, they shut them up?

It is, in my humble opinion, that they do this for two main reasons: firstly, because they are afraid. People on the right side can be just as harsh as people on the left. It is my experience that the right side uses arguments that are backed by theological and philosophical research. Therefore, when they come across someone who does not believe what they believe, they can often say hurtful things like: well if you don’t do this, or if you do that you’re going to go to hell. They’ll say cruel and demeaning things about how God must not love them. This can really turn the left side off to what the right side is trying to say. And let’s admit it, if we thought someone would say something like that to us, we’d get a little shy about listening to them too.

The second reason, I personally believe, is because somewhere deep down in their hearts and minds, they know the right side to be truthful. They may not agree with them for spiritual reasons, but they agree with them in some way for some reason. But they don’t want to.

It seems to me, the left side does what they want, how they want and the way they want, and they don’t want anyone stopping them.

Media is extremely liberal- they hush the wrongdoings about their team, but blowup the bad about the right side. There is no excuse for their behavior. Whether the right side has said harsh things or not, liberals have no right to be saying, doing or acting in ways they’ve been lately. Traditionalists are tired, they don’t know what to do. Conservative thinkers are trying really hard to figure out how to handle all the hate and lies.

I believe it is truly important, now more than ever, to stop- before you say or do something, practice the pause. Whether you’re a right-sided thinker or a left-sided thinker: Stop. Listen. Listen not to criticize, but to understand. If we try to appreciate what the other is thinking and feeling, we can start to have meaningful conversations.

You’re probably thinking that talking is not what needs to be happening right now…but it is.

Each person is coming from a different experience. Each person is where they are because of a different reason. If we snap back at the each other like kids, the cycle will continue forever. Instead we have to listen, talk and be an example.

America is great because we have the right to free speech and the right to protest. Hating, hurting and yelling, however, are not going to help you make a point.

Stop, listen, talk and try to understand.

You don’t have to agree, but just talk.