Letter to the Editor: Don’t assume media bias based off headline

Too often, people are concerned with taking a side with news. There’s a real absence of objective fact-seeking news watchers and news writers alike.

Those who write the news and the ones who read the news are equally responsible. Writers go for ratings, and the masses want to be entertained.

It’s a very sad, but true, premise embedded into our society today.

Nowadays, it’s very prevalent in media to see headlines like “Heroic cop takes down thugs,” or vice-versa, “Innocent, poor teens attacked by outlandish cop.” But whether either headline is true remains to be discovered.

This is why we need more unbiased and non-agenda reporting.

You cannot decide your position on a news story or political issue based on a headline. You aren’t being presented any of the facts, hard details and numbers pertaining to that issue. The headline just blindly follows the agenda of that certain news source, based on that news source fitting into the views that you believe, not necessarily the truth.

There’s no question that pro-liberal news and pro-conservative news exist. This is an inherent issue.

We take sides with our news source based on our affiliations or beliefs, and then we justify an entire article based on six to 15 words of a headline.

This misinformation can really blind people into believing pop culture, not news.

An obvious example of this is the Eric Garner case. A man simply told cops to stop harassing him. They proceeded to put him in a chokehold, and with several officers around and Garner obviously subdued, the cops still kept going and killed him. Even with all that being said and a video showing no aggression from Garner beginning to end, the policemen still weren’t charged.

The propaganda was immediately displayed, and people jumped to the defense of the officer and Garner, respectively.

Simple logic showed it was a blatant murder. There was no question that the media aided in the acquittal of the officer charged. There’s no question that after a non-violent man is choked and killed on camera, his murderer should be brought to justice.

It’s a shame that things like this can be published and printed. But it is our obligation as educated people to not read a title but instead, to read between the lines.

Edin Kovac is a junior majoring in political science. He can be reached via email at kova1645@ravens.benedictine.edu.

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