iPhone 7 update offers new features

iPhone 7 features more battery life and water resistance.
The iPhone 7 features more battery life and water resistance.
By Gabby Douglas, The Circuit

The release of the new iPhone 7 sparks interest in students.

The iPhone 7 offers the longest battery life yet and a water-resistant structure.

The only problem Apple faces is convincing its customers to upgrade to the newest model. Compared to the sales of the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus, iPhone 7 sales have been lower than anticipated, according to Forbes.

Rosalie Wilkerson waited in anticipation for the new iPhone once she reached her eligibility for a new upgrade.

She loves the new features on the iPhone 7. “The camera is a lot better quality and its water resistant.”

Katharine Rich isn’t looking to update her iPhone anytime soon. She said there weremany features on the most recent iPhone that would make the purchase worthwhile but it is hard to justify when they have a perfectly working phone.

However the iPhone didn’t get any bigger with the alterations. Some brands have increased their phone size to such a degree that the phones look more similar to tablets than phones.

The iPhone 6 plus is much bigger than customers expected so people weren’t sure what the size increase might be on the iPhone 7 if there was one.

Wilkerson also agreed that size matters and she was glad that the size did not increase by much between the iPhone 6 and 7.

“I’m happy the size didn’t change much but it was still an adjustment,” Wilkerson said.

The iPhone 7 serves as an expensive temptation for students.