Halloween costume results

By Nick Servi, The Circuit.

Everyone who competed in the Rec Center’s Halloween Costume Contest won.

That’s because only three people signed up.

Senior Matthew McGuire won scariest costume by going as a zombie postulate.

Senior Nick Servi won funniest costume as Fr. Brendan Rolling, OSB.

Freshman Michael Fitzsimmons won most original costume as Phil Coulson from the TV show “Marvel’s Agents of Shield.”

McGuire, who is the Social Media Coordinator for the Recreational Services Department, used his own experiences to come up with his costume idea.

“I know how to be a zombie really well and my friend Nick had a cassock, so I put two and two together,” McGuire said.

The Rec Center held the contest on October 28 and October 31. There were only three categories: most funny, scary and original.

Contestants signed up by going to the Rec Center in their costumes and having their picture taken. Then they sent the picture to Miller with their information (name and who/what they are).

Pecos Miller, Director of the Recreational Services Department, said the department encouraged students to exercise common sense and good judgment in picking costumes that aren’t inappropriate.

“We’re always looking for ways to provide fun activities for the BC community,” Miller said. “We felt this was a perfect addition to intramural activity list.”

Each contestant will receive an Intramural Champion t-shirt for winning in each category.