Foreign language placement exam credits nixed

By Danielle Sabolik, The Circuit.

Starting this semester, Benedictine College has eliminated the chance to receive credit hours for passing the foreign language placement exam.

The exam is recommended for students who have taken three or more years of a foreign language in high school and allows students to be placed in the proper course where they best fit and understand the material.

To graduate, students are required to complete foreign language to a second-level competency. This is because of the liberal arts education that Benedictine offers. The option of testing out of a course can save them money and time in credit hours learning a language that they may already be fluent in.

John Scherber, class of 2021, took this exam after taking three years of Spanish in high school. This placed him in a second-level Spanish course at Benedictine, allowing him to skip the prerequisite.

In the past, if students test out of a class, they have been able to purchase credit hours to appear on their transcript. This year, chair of the Benedictine College Language Department Dr. Daphne McConnell, the Dean and Associate Dean decided that this is unnecessary.

“We thought it was not appropriate to receive credit hours for this, as they are not taking a course here and coming in with previous knowledge,” said McConnell.

Exams are online and offered before class registrations each semester, during SOAR weekend and during ROC week.