Farewell from Fr. Brendan

Faithful BC Ravens take pride in tradition.

A favorite Benedictine tradition is “the nod.” Professors, coaches and missionaries give a nod to good answers, plays and decisions. Students and alumni nod. We even nod at the name of Jesus in Mass.

Our nod is a gesture of acknowledgement, appreciation and love.

The readings this Easter reflect on Christ as the good shepherd (John 10:11-18). In light of this, one might consider giving a nod to those shepherds of the past who served as campus chaplains.

Their names are not on a plaque, and this list is only partial because an organized record could not be found. Yet, the service of these shepherds reaches back more than a century to 1858.

In fact, you and your family may recognize someone!

Let’s unite in a faithful Raven nod to: Francis McDonald, Sebastian Weissenberger, Lambert Burton, Richard Burns, Edgar Schmiedler, Leonard Scwhinn, Marian Kotinek, Leo Ortman, Victor Gellhaus, Timothy Fry, Daniel O’Shea, Terence Sullivan, Stephen Burns, Kieran McInerney, Donald Redmond, Raphael Moscinski, Emeric Fletcher, Denis Meade, Matthew Habiger, Benjamin Tremmel, Meinrad Miller and James Albers.

Here’s a nod to them, and to you.

It’s been an honor serving.

– Fr. Brendan Rolling

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