ENACTUS is pushing forward

ENACTUS President Nolan McCall addressing the members of the club. Photo by Samuel Smeltzer.

By Sam Smeltzer, The Circuit.

Starting this fall semester, Benedictine College’s Enactus program is no longer maintaining the student-run company Benedict’s Brittle, but the entrepreneurial spirit is still alive and well on campus.

The president of BC’s Enactus, senior Nolan McCall, says that although the departure of Benedict’s Brittle is a blow to the program, it is also an opportunity to start new and exciting projects.

The departure of Benedict’s Brittle from Enactus was due largely to the monk’s schedules not lining up with the demand of the project and because they did not want to make the company their main priority.

“From our club’s perspective I think it was a pretty big hit, but I can definitely understand why the decision was made to go forward without it,” McCall said.

Because of the departure of Benedict’s Brittle there has been a significant downsizing in the number of students who are signed up for the program.

Senior Kelly Schuck has previously been involved in Enactus as an accountant for Benedict’s Brittle, but is unsure whether she’ll get involved again now that the project has been canceled. Schuck says that as a senior she is looking for projects that she can be passionate and proud of, and only then will she rejoin.

“I’m limited in time, so I have to pick and choose things I get involved in so I can give 110 percent,” Schuck said.

Enactus is currently working on many different projects including study mugs, burnable disc development, education at local schools and prisons, as well as a Boy Scout program that will bring scouts on campus to take classes with Benedictine professors to earn merit badges.

McCall is looking to start more projects this year, emphasizing the ones that involve local business and the community. Enactus also offers an opportunity for any student to start their own project and will receive full support of the club.

“Everybody has an opportunity to contribute [and] everyone has an opportunity to start up their own project,” McCall said. “That’s definitely something we are encouraging, for people to take that entrepreneurial mindset.”

Enactus meets in the Westerman auditorium every Thursday at noon. Members can be involved and earn class credit or just on a volunteer basis to build their resume.

As for the brittle, the monks may be producing it seasonally but a decision has yet to be made.

For more information, you can contact President McCall at: mcca1863@ravens.benedictine.edu.