Editorial: Newspaper committed to students

At The Circuit, we’re committed to news.

Our mission is to inform and educate our fellow students on issues important to them  on and off campus.

As student journalists, we strive to keep our peers engaged in the community around us.

You can count on us to keep you in the loop.

In recent years, our staff has taken steps to better serve you.

We’ve combined circuit online and print. We’ve stepped up our social media presence. We’ve covered more breaking news.

We promise to keep working hard to bring you the news that matters.

Follow us on Twitter: @BC_Circuit and on Instagram: bc_circuit.

Check bccircuit.com for breaking news, updates on sports and much more.

Keep picking up your print copy of The Circuit on Saturdays. You  can find one in every building around campus. around camus.

Finally, engage with us!

Do you have an issue you feel passionate about? Write a letter to the editor, and we may just publish it.

Have an interesting story idea? Send it to us, and we’ll check it out for you.

We’re your student publication, and we’d love your feedback, suggestions and ideas.

E-mail any contributions to circuit@benedictine.edu.

Go Ravens!