CRS speaker raises awareness on trafficking

By Ivy Mackey, The Circuit.

On Feb. 21 in the Benedictine College Ferrell Academic Center, Dr. Shalina Stilley, assistant professor of philosophy at Conception Seminary, spoke of human trafficking as part of BC’s Social Justice Week.

Addressing a small crowd, Stilley explained how people often have the misconception that slavery is a thing of the past.

“Unfortunately it’s right here; it’s everywhere,” said Stilley.

During the presentation, Stilley revealed that 45.8 million people are in some form of slavery, but that we should not despair.

“The more we can prevent this from happening, the better,” Stilley said. According to Stilley, slavery and trafficking today take many forms, including organ harvesting, sex slavery, forced “marriage,” domestic servitude, child soldiers and forced labor.

Stilley had spoken at last year’s Social Justice Week; making her a first choice for the growing BC CRS (Catholic Relief Services).

“We thought it would be better to bring in an expert,” said Hannah Voss, Junior and President of CRS. Stilley’s main focus of the talk was on finding solutions, as well as addressing the problems.

Stilley explained how evil is a lack of empathy, and spoke of different ways students in particular could help. Lists of awareness websites and documentaries were also made available.

“Education is the first step to be able to do anything,” Voss said. Voss mentioned that posting hotlines at places like truck stops can be one way students can help raise awareness.

Overall, reception towards the event was met with positive results, and Voss hopes that this talk will not disappear from students’ minds.

For more information, contact Hannah Voss at

National Trafficking Hotline: 888-373-7888