COR+ program mentors children of Atchison

By Madeline Young, The Circuit

Are you missing your siblings or wanting to spend more time with kids? COR+ might have a solution.

COR+ is a group who goes to the Atchison Public Library every Wednesday from 3-5 pm to engage with Atchison’s youth.

Kevin Browne, founder, was the one who came up with the name COR+. The word ‘cor’ is Latin for heart. The plus sign represents the addition of action. “My motto has always been heart plus action,” he said.

Browne thinks this kind of service is an enriching experience for all involved.

“I have a passion for helping others, and I hope to extend that passion to the children of Atchison and the students of Benedictine.”

This past Wednesday, Rachel Morgan, freshman, attended COR+ at the library. “I volunteer a lot with middle and high school age kids back home. When I found out about COR+, I thought it would be the perfect way to engage with them again.”

About 30 kids were at the library last week for the kickoff. “It was super fun! Kids would come in and out, we played monopoly and just hung out. We had a great time,” Morgan said.

Browne has been deeply impacted by COR+. “It has helped me to feel what others are feeling. I feel that working with children is the ultimate servant leadership.”

Last year, Browne would sit and talk to a little girl every Wednesday at the library, learning about her home life and school. By the end of the year, he had become her mentor, and a big encouragement in her life.

There is a three phase plan with COR+, Browne said. Phase one is to engage. This is going to the library each week, talking and hanging out with the kids. In this phase, the goal is to build relationships, build trust, and find the areas of conflict and societal issues.

The second phase is to explore the options and differences among people, and begin to reason with them.

The third phase is to take action, make amends and begin to connect.

This three-phase plan makes up the EXA model. Engage, eXplore and Action. EXA also represents setting the example for future generations.

Browne wants to expand and engage more students in the program. “With the COR+ and the EXA model, we are looking to build ambassadorship across campus, to build our name and to help in any way we can.”