Nick Servi – Reporter

Nick Servi is a senior from Farmington, Missouri. This is his second semester writing for The Circuit. After graduation, he hopes to become an author and work in the journalism and mass communications industry, as well as go into filmmaking. He is active in the Knights of the Mystical Rose and St. Paul’s Outreach (SPO) on campus. He is also an Eagle Scout and works for the BC Recreational Services Department. He enjoys hanging out with his friends, playing sports, taking pictures, and writing for fun. Nick can be contacted at:


Ann-Marie Reasor – Reporter

Ann-Marie Reasor is a sophomore from Overland Park, Kansas. This is her first semester writing for The Circuit. After graduation, she dreams about moving to Nashville, Tennessee and working in television or radio. In her spare time, she writes articles for The Odyssey, works in the Admissions Office, and does various ministry activities.  She loves her faith, family, and friends. She cannot start her day without music and cannot end it without having at least one dance party. Ann-Marie can be contacted at:



Gabby Douglass – Reporter

Gabby Douglass is a junior from Stillwater, Minnesota. She is very engaged on campus as a member of Gregorian Fellows, the Administrative Director of SIBC, and an employee of the President’s Office. She loves to read and spend quality time with her friends, if she isn’t studying! Gabby hopes to attend law school after graduating from Benedictine College with a major in Political Science and two minors in Philosophy and Mass Communications. Gabby can be contacted at:



Erica Rohde – Reporter

Erica Rohde is a senior from Dallas, Texas. This is her first semester writing on circuit, but bringing in previous experience in the journalism field through her High School newspaper and the North Texas Catholic. Seeking degrees in the Theology and Evangelization majors, she hopes to eventually work for the Church to whatever capacity she is lead to work in. In her spare time, she loves to hang out with friends, work with the campus ministry, sing in choir and enjoy nature! Erica can be reached at



Kate Langton – Reporter

Kate Langton is a senior from Tulare, California. This is her first semester writing for The Circuit consistently. After graduation she hopes to work in live entertainment in a management position or in Marketing of some kind. She is the JV and Freshman volleyball coach at Maur-Hill Mount Academy, a Student Ambassador and does marketing design work for Benedict’s Brittle. She’s a huge fan of watching old movies, staying up late, trying new drinks and all aquatic sports. Kate can be reached at



Ivy Mackey – Reporter

Ivy Mackey is a senior from David City, Nebraska. This is her second semester on the Circuit, and she is pursuing a Bachelor’s in Journalism. Aside from being a journalist, she also dreams of becoming an author. At college she is involved in Ravens Respect Life, English Club, Bible Study, and a couple Choirs. Her interests include: reading, Pinterest, Internet surfing, creative writing, singing, listening to music, drawing, movies, swimming, biking, and thinking deep thoughts. Ivy can be contacted at


Scott Tumberger – Reporter

Scott Tumberger is a senior from Chicago. He doesn’t have an exact idea of what he wants to do post-graduation, but a career in the media field with a sports organization is what he hopes for. His favorite sports to play are football, basketball and rugby. He is currently the President and captain of the Black Monks Rugby team. Scott will help assist in Benedictine sports coverage, including cross country coverage as well as the occasional soccer game. Scott can be reached at


Sam Smeltzer – Reporter

Samuel Smeltzer is a junior from Overland Park, Kansas. This is currently his first semester writing for The Circuit. After graduation, he hopes to work in advertising or television. In his spare time, he enjoys writing and getting involved in on campus organizations like Enactus and ROC. Sam can be reached at as well as on Twitter at @Sammy_Smeltz.



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