Circuit Editorial: Following AP style

We used the term “anti-abortion” instead of “pro-life” in the article “Marching for a cause” in the Jan. 31 issue. Sometimes we may choose to use terms that some people or organizations may not agree with. But we have a style to abide by.

In journalism, we use a different form of writing, called Associated Press style (or AP style). Newspapers across the country use this style. We hold ourselves to the same standards of professionalism.

According to AP style, the terms “anti-abortion” and “abortion rights activists” are the appropriate titles for the respective stances. This is to help newspapers remain unbiased in the debate.

The March for Life occurs on the anniversary of Roe v. Wade, which legalized abortion. This protest is therefore primarily focused on that issue, which is why it’s appropriate to use terms directly referring to abortion.

Our Jan. 31 story was limited to march coverage. It was not a feature about the scope of an organization.

The goal of The Circuit is to prepare students for the professional journalistic field, which requires the practice of AP style.