Embracing the change

Returning students came back to an almost unrecognizable campus this fall. A totally renovated dining hall, two new buildings, a new clock tower and countless landscaping projects have transformed the campus. Students competed with construction workers on move-in day. The first week of school, numerous parking tickets were given out. Residents in Guadalupe Hall are […]

Fasting and forgotten

By Michael French, Reporter Few things are as heart-wrenching as watching someone you love descend into something as horrible as an eating disorder. It’s not quick and painless. It slowly eats away at their mind and spirit until it causes every aspect of life to suffer. For more than a year now, one of my […]

A new look at gun control

By Lauren Williams, Opinion Editor Americans are 20 times more likely to be shot in the United States than in any other developed country, said Max Fisher in his Dec. 14, 2012 article in The Washington Post. It’s been a little over a year since Adam Lanza shot 20 children and six faculty members at […]

Noah offers unique biblical perspective

By Molly Blaeser, Reporter The recent “Noah” movie, starring Russell Crowe, has garnered a lot of attention from religious organizations because of how director Darren Aronofsky interpreted the biblical story. In Aronofsky’s visual depiction, Noah, as the last of Seth’s line, is entrusted with protecting creation. He and his family are vegetarians, a stark contrast […]

Temptation of lenten promises

By Hannah Pinkerton, Reporter For Catholics, Lent is all about sacrifice and cleaning up a gluttonous lifestyle. Jesus stranded himself in a desert for 40 days; surely we can give up Facebook for the same amount of time. I can remember my mother telling stories of really difficult things she gave up for Lent. She […]

Challenging classes can help expand the mind

By Lauren Williams, Opinion Editor As registration approaches, students are tearing through their course catalogs trying to plan their schedules. Advisee meetings are scheduled and attended to plan the path to graduation. Some students may be stressed about fitting all their classes in, getting the classes they want and deciding what their schedules will be […]