Bioethics speaker presents to Benedictine students

Nikolas T. Nikas, a lawyer and co-founder of Bioethics Defund Fund, visited Benedictine on March 16 to speak about bioethics.  Photo by Pixaby.

By Sarah Sapenoff, The Circuit.

“The issues we’re dealing with right now are your future,” said Nikolas T. Nikas, co-founder of Bioethics Defund Fund.

On March 16, in the Gangel seminar room, Nikas delivered an intense speech over bioethics. His main point being how law, science and medicine, and moral and ethics meet.

Nikas, a graduate of Notre Dame and a lawyer with his degree from Arizona State University has spoken to a wide range of universities and medical schools. He has presented his work at almost all of the Ivy League universities and has even spoken in multiple foreign countries.

The Gangel Seminar room was packed as he shared his thoughts on morality and law.

“The moral question at hand should always be front and center,” Nikas said.

Nikas went on to talk about issues such as abortion, cloning and three parent embryos.

“These issues won’t go away, you can’t escape them,” Nikas said. “You have to use faith and reason.”

Nikas’s presentation discussed what the future holds for bioethics and how young students have the gift to help change the world by being educated and not being afraid to speak up.

To find out more about the Bioethics Defund Fund and what you can do to help, visit their Facebook page, BDFUND or email Nikas at