Benedictine’s Snapchat Student Takeover

Scan this code to add BC as a friend on Snapchat!  Photo by Danielle Sabolik.

By Danielle Sabolik, The Circuit.

Benedictine College’s Marketing and Communications Department is showcasing “A Day in the Life of a Raven” on their Snapchat, @benedictineks.

They are looking for students who are participating in weekend events in all different campus departments and organizations.

Olivia Dowling, Social Media Specialist for the Benedictine College Marketing and Communications department, runs the app. Dowling searches for students who might be interested and contacts them about hosting a Student Takeover.

“I really did enjoy being able to be a part of the Benedictine Student Takeover,” said Grayson Feist, freshman. “I would recommend it to other students who enjoy going to events and want to share their experiences with others.”

Feist covered a residence hall event on campus and was assigned to document it by his RA.

“Part of my job was also trying to get others to show up to the event,” Feist said, “I did this by posting about the event ahead of time, telling others to come out and watch and participate.”

“A major part of my job was being there and filming what was actually going on at the event,” he added. “I was also supposed to go ‘behind the scenes,’ in a sense, and interview people who were taking part in the event.”

Another student took BC’s Snapchat on the road and documented Ravens on the March for Life.

“I was contacted by Olivia about doing part of the Takeover during the March for Life,” said William Medina, senior. “[Finding photo content] wasn’t too hard because when students hear you’re on the BC Snapchat they want to be in the ‘selfie’ too. I also snap quite a bit on my own so I’m used to keeping a stream of pictures up.”

Featured events include art shows, music concerts, Residence Life events, academic events, theater performances and athletic events.

For more information about Student Takeover, contact Social Media Specialist Olivia Dowling at