Benedictine takes Naxos Music Library for a test run

MeiLi Kok, music composition major, shares her thoughts on the Naxos Music Library. Photo by Ayden Pugh.

By Ayden Pugh, The Circuit.

In late August, it was announced over the Benedictine FYI that all students would be granted access to the online Naxos Music Library.

Naxos ML is a comprehensive collection of classical music available online offering more than 2 million tracks of classical music, jazz, world, folk and Chinese music, with more than 1,000 albums added monthly.

Access to the library is focused on giving an educational resource of quality recordings and composer bios to music majors, minors and enthusiasts. One might ask what makes Naxos better than, say. Spotify, Pandora, or even YouTube?

According to Dr. Christopher J. Greco, associate professor in the Music Department, its the quality and consistency.

“I believe in order to connect our student body with the most recent developments in our respective fields and disciplines [it would require an] adoption to digital platforms and adoption to more and more digital access; for example, Naxos Music Library,” Greco said.

Greco says this subscription to the program would grant 24/7 campus-wide unlimited access. When a musician needs to find a song to listen to or rehearse with, Naxos is designed to have access to most any song.

“Staying current and relevant as professors and as a college includes remaining open and alert to the unceasing changes in our world and specifically the higher educational landscape,” Greco said.

MeiLi Kok, junior music composition major, shared her opinion on the matter.

“I think it’s really great,” Kok said. “I think it’s something that we need for the Music Department. It’s like the virtual equivalent of our music library here at Benedictine. I think people would listen to more music if they didn’t have to mess around with physical recordings.”

However, with every step forward there are new challenges.

“It’s kind of like YouTube in how things are searched, so I think that people will fall back on YouTube because it’s what they are used to,” Kok said.

“I think if Naxos wanted to cater to more people they should upgrade their site so it is more modern.”

Greco explained why the college needs an online music library.

“Selecting what’s relevant as educational practices and resources, and implementing steps in order to achieve a high-quality learning environment is, after all, in large part why we are all here – to experience a compelling and stimulating high-quality college education within a community of scholarship and faith,” Greco said.