Benedictine College celebrates 31st Social Justice Week

Ravens Respect Life's statue for the Unborn. Photo by Ellen Petersen

By Ellen Petersen, The Circuit.

Benedictine College is hosting its 31st annual Social Justice Week this Feb. 12-17.

The week, which is designed to raise awareness concerning human injustices, is organized with lectures hosted by each of the various aspects that encompass social justice.

Kelly Schuck, junior, has been particularly moved by social justice.

“I have known lots of people throughout my life who have struggled for various reasons. They have not always been treated with compassion and loved,” said Schuck.  “I think that is why I care about it so much. You see how important it is to respect others.”

Schuck is now president of Ravens Respect Life, one of the groups on campus most avidly involved with social justice and issues of human dignity.

“This is our opportunity to help inform people about the issues that are constantly going on,” said Schuck. “Even if we don’t see them right now, they are present and we need to do something about them.”

Dr. Richard Coronado, economics chair, created Social Justice Week for this exact purpose.

“Too few of students have the idea that the Social Justice effort is an essential part of our Catholic spirituality,” Coronado said.  “It is very apparent in the latest encyclicals of John Paul II, Pope Benedict XVI and Pope Francis.”

In support of Social Justice Week, several other Benedictine College professors in addition to Coronado go so far as to offer extra credit for attending one of the lectures.

As a student, Schuck sees the benefit in participating in these optional assignments.

“I know people think these are boring talks and don’t want to go.  But there has never been a time when I went to a talk and left feeling like I wasted my time,” Shuck said.  “I encourage students go.  These might be the talks to change someone.”

As Social Justice Week approaches, emails will be sent to all students via the Benedictine College FYI regarding the different lectures and their locations.