BC welcomes student families for a fun weekend

Little Sibs' Weekend is a time for students to share their BC life with their family - especially their siblings.  Photo from Benedictine College Facebook Archives.

By Ann Marie Reasor, The Circuit.

Benedictine College prides itself on its pillar of community. It establishes this feature in a variety of ways. One way is by hosting various events that reach out to students’ families.

The weekend of March 24-26, BC held the annual Little Siblings weekend.

This is a weekend when current Ravens invite their older or younger siblings to campus and show them what they’re up to.

The Student Ambassadors, the group in charge of Little Siblings Weekend, puts on events and games for everyone to participate in.

This year there was a concert as well as a bowling activity on Saturday at the local Atchison bowling alley.

Some students, however, like to show their families what they do on a ‘normal’ weekend at college.

Sophomore Megan Schuberg is the second oldest of 12 children.

Schuberg says, “For the most part, we did our own thing like going to Jackson Park, eating at Willie’s and walking to the river. We did go bowling with some friends on Saturday which was a blast!”

“I really enjoy Lil’ Sibs weekend because I’m only back home for summer and Christmas,” she said. “It’s always a good time when family gets to come up and hang out for the weekend.”

Sophomore Shannan McQuade is also a fan of this annual tradition.

“It’s a good excuse to get your family to come see you,” she said.

McQuade is very close to her family and loves that this weekend provides an opportunity for her younger sister to see what she is doing and what college is all about.

She believes it’s hard for little siblings to understand college and college life and appreciates that this weekend gives a little glimpse into that.

BC students appreciate these family events.

“[I] think it’s awesome that BC does these types of weekends because you’re living here for 4 years,” Schuberg said. “It’s important for your family to see what kind of environment you’re living and how you’re changing and growing in your faith.”