BC Spanish language, literature and culture in Spain

The Cathedral of Toledo.  Photo by Kristina Pikula.

By Yuna Hayakawa, The Circuit.

Benedictine College is offering a study opportunity this summer. The Spanish language, literature and culture summer program at University of Valladolid in Valladolid, Spain is taking place May 25 through June 21 (or June 28, students taking 8 credits).

Generally, the classes run Monday through Friday, with intensive language instruction in the morning and early afternoon. On the weekends, students can travel and explore the surroundings and do a lot of activities.

“Have an open mind and just enjoy all the beauty there is around you,” said Kristina Pikula, senior who went to study abroad in Spain.

“Different between U.S. and Spain is how people greet each other, we say ‘nice to meet you’ and shake hands, however in Spain, they say ‘Hola’ and kiss each other’s cheeks. It was weird to me,” Pikula said.

Pikula became an IROC member using that experience and wanted to help international students like her host family in Spain did for her.

“My biggest suggestion what I really like is living with a kids, because we don’t know language, and they don’t care if you speaking correctly or not, they just want to talk,” said Hannah Vogt, senior. “That was really good.”

In the program, students are going to stay with Spanish families, which, in addition to increasing their chances to be in contact with the foreign language, will help the “uncomfortable” situation.

“However, little by little, by living with a group of ‘strangers,’ students will have to face that situation and become bridges themselves between their own culture and the new environment,” said Francisco Leon Rivero who is the director of this program. “I think this is one of the most important values in our society.”

If interested in this program, contact the Faculty Director, Rivero at (frivero@benedictine.edu).