God had other plans

by MaryLiz Bugos, Special to The Circuit. Firefighter. Emergency Medical Technician. Biochemist. Plumber. Carpenter.  Mechanic. Gardener. Beekeeper. But the one thing Elaine Fischer never thought she would become was a Benedictine Sister. In 2015 she celebrated 25 years with the Sisters of Mount Saint Scholastica. As a child, Fischer was stubbornly opposed to the idea […]

Students explore disdain of US Congress

By Michael G. Barilleaux, Guest Writer Benedictine College students’ views about Congress are strongly negative, regardless of whether their opinions are based on factual knowledge, according to student research presented April 9 at Discovery Day. Freshmen Madeleine Trull, Claudia O’Connell and Courtney Parker reported the findings of their comparison of public and BC student opinion […]

Intramural basketball championships settled March 4

By Logan Elias, Guest Writer Men’s and women’s intramural basketball leagues played championship games March 4. In the men’s league competitive competition, the Ballers for Christ took top honors in its bracket, while in the casual league, the Back Door Bandits won its bracket. The women’s team #BCWS (Benedictine College Women’s Soccer) came out on […]

Evangelization symposium March 21-22 at Benedictine

By Michael G. Barilleaux, Guest Writer The annual Symposium for Advancing the New Evangelization is March 21-22 at Benedictine College. The event includes three keynote speakers in the evenings and 50 additional speakers for shorter, colloquium sessions throughout both days. All topics will center around the concept of world-wide evangelization in every area and background, […]