Annual Autumn Ball in Haverty Gym tonight

By Sam Smeltzer, The Circuit

The Autumn Ball is in full swing tonight.

The Raven Swing Club and the Benedictine College Jazz Band will host the yearly Autumn Ball is at 7p.m. Nov. 4 in the Haverty Gym.

The ball is held every year by The Raven Swing Club to bring in more members as well as to host a fun alcohol free event.

The BC Jazz Band lead by Professor Haman will play live jazz and swing dance music at the Autumn Ball.

“The Autumn Ball is for everybody. Members the swing club will be around, so the people who come and don’t know how to dance will have someone to teach them,” said John Corkum, senior.

The Autumn Ball is seeking to set itself apart from other dances by incorporating swing dancing and waltzing as well as being more formal than other on-campus dances.

There are about 400 people currently involved in the Raven Swing Club, which meets weekly to practice their swing dancing skills.

John Kyle loves to swing dance even though he isn’t an official member of the club.

“Swing dancing has become such an important part of the BC community, and the Autumn Ball is am awesome way to celebrate it,” said John Kyle, junior.

Starting this week The Raven Swing club will be incorporating waltzing to their weekly meetings.

Check your Benedictine student emails for more information on The Autumn Ball and Raven Swing Club.