A new experience offered to international students

International students were invited on a paintball outing.  Photo by Yuna Hayakawa.

By Yuna Hayakawa, The Circuit.

The International Student Ambassadors hosted a trip to Jaegers Paintball in Kansas City on April 8.

The idea of the program is to make memories and to deepen the bonds between international students.

“It’s a chance for the international students to do something different,” said Anne Faucett, director of international admission and services. “It’s also a great opportunity to have fun and hangout with friends.”

The rules of paintball are simple. Each game takes 15 minutes and uses a paint gun to shoot the enemy. There are walls for hiding from the enemy and watching for chances to shoot them. If they are shot, they are immediately out.

“It was such a great game,” said sophomore Daniela Garcia-Perez, International Student Ambassador. “It’s great because anyone can play it and we all had fun.”

“It was [a] new experience,” said junior Yasuhiro Otsuka.

“We sweat during the paintball [games]. Because there is so much pressure not knowing when I would get shot. I got shot twice and it was painful! I recommended wearing long pants.”

The key to a fun game of paintball is to try and muster up your courage and to not be afraid to move on.

Keep your eyes out for more trips to come with the International Student Ambassadors.