‘Finals are stressful, not lethal’

Nora Bingaman, The Circuit ’Twas the night before finals, and all through the campus, students were studying and trying their best. The tests would be given, just hours away, and all are hoping that break soon will be here. Students are jazzed on coffee and sweets to pull all-nighters that cause lots of stress. Remember […]

Students share finals horror stories

Megan Marley, The Circuit Most college students dread finals week. But three students have extra reason to hate it. ••• What happens when a professor misses a final? Rachel Gleeson, senior, found out last year when a professor didn’t show for their 8 a.m. final. “The whole class is there, and we’re waiting. But, the […]

Movie Review: ‘The Letters’

Brennan Kalis, Special to The Circuit Director William Riead knew he had to make the movie. After 9/11, he began thinking. How could such evil exist? Surely there was good in the world. Surely, Mother Teresa had to be it. Just as Richard Attenborough affected change with his film about Gandhi, Riead wanted to do […]