SGA: Look up, Ravens!

When looking at society today, we see everyone walking around with iPhones, iPads, iPods, iMessaging and sending everything to iCloud. Are you noticing a theme here? “I.” The technology we surround ourselves with has caused our society to become more self-centered overall. This isn’t very difficult to see. At the grocery store, at the mall […]

Catholic principles should guide us

In the Oct. 11 article “Street clean up targets flag,” an important question for our community life has been brought to the forefront. Mr. Messersmith is presumably upset about the removal of the flag from his Row House window. However, I propose that, on grounds of principle, the removal of the flag is not only […]

Win a grand

Nicola Ptak, Special to the Circuit Students can win $1,000 in an essay contest sponsored by the Honors Program, in conjuntion with the “Wisdom of the Ages” documents exhibit in Ferrell Academic Center. “Over the summer, the Honors Committee decided it would be a good idea to do an essay contest to raise awareness and […]

Tobacco-free by 2015

By Lauren Williams, News/Features Editor Tobacco is getting the boot at Benedictine College. Starting July 2015, using any tobacco product–including e-cigarettes and chewing tobacco–will be banned on campus. The decision to go tobacco-free comes after two years of research, board meetings and student opinion surveys. “We didn’t want to rush into anything that would cause […]

Life as NAACP spokesman

Lauren Williams, News/Features Editor On a Monday afternoon, most Benedictine College students are either at athletic practice, doing homework or just unwinding after class. But for senior John Gaskin, he is heading to Kansas City to appear on “The Situation Room” with Wolf Blitzer on CNN. A personal driver comes to take him to Kansas […]

UN speaker on campus

Maggie Doyle, Reporter Anna Halpine will talk about “Sex, Money and Power: Problems and Solutions in Defending the Human Person at Home and Abroad” at 7 p.m. Monday in the McAllister Board Room. Halpine is the current president of The Reproductive Health Research Institute, president and CEO of the FEMM Foundation and founder and CEO […]